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Emissions Results Page

The Emissions Results page allows the user to see the results of the consumption and emissions modeling, to download a report of these calculations (coming soon), and to make choices about what dispersion pathway to use next.

Note that this emissions calculation has been given a Run ID number at this point, and this is listed in the upper right corner of the page.

The sections of the page are:

Emissions Report section

This section contains some of the basic fire information and also allows for a user defined name and person to be identified. These last two entries are not needed by Playground but are used in generating the Emissions Report PDF for downloading.

Emissions Report PDF link

This feature is not yet enabled, but it allows you to download a report that details the results found on this page along with all of the input choices used and entered on the Emissions Inputs Page.

Emissions Results section

This section contains two graphics and tables of the total consumption and emissions numbers.

Next: Choices to make for Dispersion

From this page, the user must make a choice as to whether to use VSMOKE or HYSPLIT for dispersion. Note that the user can go back and do multiple runs with the given emissions calculation (Known Issue: this currently does not work).

Screen capture of Playground v3 Emissions Results page