AirMonitor Package

AirMonitor R Package

The AirMonitir R package was developed to help modelers and scientists more easily work with PM2.5 data from monitoring locations across North America. The package makes it easier to obtain data, perform analyses and generate reports. It is freely distributed as part of the CRAN R repository.


Tools are provided for research purposes only, and may not accurately reflect what happened due to numerous reasons. Data are provisional; obtain data from original sources for official purposes. Use at own risk.


Air Resource Advisors should post questions / issues to the WFAQRP > #monitoring-v4-site channel.

External inquiries regarding the BlueSky Daily Run Viewer and the BlueSky Modeling Framework may be directed to Dr. Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire, larkin (at)


The AirMonitor R Package is a tool developed by the USFS AirFire Team in conjunction with Mazama Science.

    • Project Lead: Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire

    • Lead Developer: Mazama Science

Funding for the AirMonitor R Package is provided by the USFS and the National Fire Plan.

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