Outlook Editor v4 Help

Outlook Editor v4 Help

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Parameters of Use

    • Use of the Outlook Editor is restricted to deployed ARAs. For those wanting to familiarize themselves with the tool, a training version of the Outlook Editor may be available. Inquire about access via WFAQRP Slack chatroom.

Manual Upload Option

    • In the event the Outlook Editor is not available, it is permissible to manually create an Outlook using editable templates provided on the Internal WRAQRP site. Manually created Outlooks MUST be converted to PDF and uploaded using the Manual Upload Form


    • ARAs requiring help accessing the Outlook Editor can contact support via the WFAQRP Slack chatroom (access to this chatroom is restricted to members of the WFAQRP Program)

Outlook Editor Training Webinar

A training was held for ARAs on the Outlook Editor on 6/7/18. ARAs can view the webinar on the WFAQRP internal site under the section: Training - Continuing Education

Outlook Editor Walkthrough

Help details for each user interface page:

Full Walkthrough

Outlook Editor Walkthrough

Manual Upload Form Walkthrough

Manual Outlook Upload