Outlook Editor

The Outlook Editor is designed to assist IWFAQRP Air Resource Advisors in creating a published smoke outlook.   Version 7 is in development with scheduled release for fire season 2024. The tool is restricted for ARA use only.  

Current published smoke outlooks are available via the Outlook Viewer page and can also be found at Interagency Wildland Fire and Air Quality Resource Program (IWFAQRP) site

Tool Access

This tool is actively tested in Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer / Edge browsers in particular may have issues and features are not guaranteed to work.



Air Resource Advisors should use the standard question channel to obtain answers to questions about the Outlook Editor.

All others may contact:  Dr. Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire, at larkin (at) fs.fed.us


The Outlook Editor is a tool developed by the USFS AirFire Team in conjunction with Mazama Science and the University of Washington's School of Environmental and Forestry Sciences (UW-SEFS). 

Original design and concept:  Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire

Lead Developer:  Mazama Science (contact: Jonathan Callahan, additional development:  Helen Miller)

Supporting Services Development:  Joel Dubowy, UW SEFS

Funding for the Outlook Editor was provided by the USFS.

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