BlueSky Playground

BlueSky Playground

Playground provides interactive access to the models and calculations enabled by the BlueSky Framework. Users can enter basic fire information and compute various fuels, fire, and emissions information as well as model plume rise and smoke dispersion. This can be particularly useful for prescribed burns, potential burnouts, and other fires that may not have been picked up within the routine BlueSky daily runs.


Tools are provided for research purposes only, and may not accurately reflect what happened due to numerous reasons. Models are subject to errors and inaccuracies. Data are provisional and subject to change. Use at own risk.

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Current Version:

    • Version 2 is the current version, but is due to be replaced by Version 3 in the near future. As such Version 2 is no longer receiving model updates.


This tool works best under Google Chrome. Internet Explorer / Edge browsers in particular may have issues and features are not guaranteed to work.


Help Pages

An extensive set of help pages for Playground v3 is in development, and are split out according to specific user interface sections.

Demo Exercise

A demo exercise is available that includes instructions and a recorded walkthrough


Internal inquiries Air Resource Advisors should post questions / issues to the WFAQRP > #playground channel. System outages should be posted in the WFAQRP > #critical channel

External inquiries regarding the BlueSky Daily Run Viewer and the BlueSky Modeling Framework may be directed to Dr. Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire, larkin (at)


Community Credits

BlueSky Playground would not be possible without the generous assistance and involvement of many people. We particularly wish to thank the model and data developers who have created the great fire information, fuels information, consumption models, emissions factors, meteorological forecasts, and dispersion models used within Playground.


FCCS – Fuels Characteristic Classification System, U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Dr. Don McKenzie

LANDFIRE – U.S. Forest Service Missoula Fire Lab


CONSUME – U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Drs. Roger Ottmar, Susan Prichart, and Clint Wright also many thanks to MTRI and Prof. Nancy French.


FEPS – U.S. Forest Service FERA Team, esp. Dr. Sam Sandberg


HYSPLIT – NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, esp. Dr. Roland Draxlar

VSMOKE-GIS – U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station, esp. Dr. Scott Goodrick


National 12-km Forecast – from the National Weather Service NAM forecast model

PNW 4-km Forecast – from the Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium, lead Prof. Cliff Mass, University of Washington

California / Nevada 2-km Forecast – from the California / Nevada Smoke and Air Consortium (CANSAC), led by Prof. Tim Brown, Desert Research Institute

Playground Development Credits

    • Original Concept and Project Lead: Sim Larkin, USFS AirFire

    • Major Development Lead: Susan O'Neill, USFS AirFire

version 3

      • Front End Development (v3): Sonoma Technology, Inc.

      • Backend Processing Through BlueSky v4 Pipeline Development: Joel Dubowy, UW SEFS

versions 1 and 2

      • Lead Development: Sonoma Technology, Inc.

Playground development has been supported by numerous organizations, principally:

    • US Forest Service

    • National Fire Plan

    • Joint Fire Sciences Program

    • NASA

    • Department of the Interior

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