PM2.5 Monitoring Site Help

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Using The Interactive Map:

Select information to display on map (1)

      • Current NowCast - nearest real-time readings
      • Yesterday AQI - readings from previous day (where available)
      • Latency - time of last reading

Zoom to area of interest to see all available monitors (2)

Hover over monitor icon to see monitor information (3)

Click on monitor icon to add it to "NowCast Timeseries" list (4)

      • To remove monitor, hover cursor over specific timeseries plot and a red "x" will appear in upper right corner

Once all monitors are selected, use "Data Report" and "CSV File" links to view additional graphical output and raw data (5)

Run Quality Control (QC) report* on a monitor (6)

*only available for temporary monitors

image of Monitoring Site interactive map