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Emissions Input Page

The Emissions Input is where information needed to generate a consumption and emissions calculation - including distribution in time - is entered.

The sections of the page are:

      • Fire Information (basic fire information like type, size, time zone, and location)

      • Fuels (the available fuels to use)

      • Moisture (the fuel moisture conditions to use)

      • Consumption (adjustments to how consumption will be calculated)

      • Timing (how to distribute the consumption in time)


To run emissions, use the "I'm not a robot" (or, if necessary the replacement reCAPTCHA system that may ask you to identify vehicles or other things in pictures). This will allow you to click Run at the bottom.

Clicking Run will bring up a new page (the Emissions Results page) after running your emissions. While this is generally quick (a few seconds), it can take up to 30 seconds under a slow internet connection and heavy usage on the server.