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Monitoring v4 Help

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Data Report

To view a variety of graphical output for all your selected monitors, click on the "Data Report" link

CSV File

To view data from selected monitors, click the "CSV File" link and a csv file will be generated for downloading.

AQI - NowCast

The “AQI-NowCast” product is an experimental product that plots hourly NowCast as bars in AQI colors and overlays daily average pm2.5 as semi-transparent daily bars. The result is returned as an 8.5x11 PDF suitable for printing.The result will open in a new browser tab/page and one of the URL parameters will be `&lookbackdays=10`. You can modify this by hand to shorten or extend the range up to 45 days. For a more detail explanation on how to use this tool, see the Useful Tips & FAQs page


Air Resource Advisors should post questions / issues to the WFAQRP > #monitoring-v4-site channel.

External inquiries regarding the Monitoring Site may be directed to Dr. Sim Larkin, USFS-AirFire, larkin (at)