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Dispersion Section Help Page

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Parameters Available

Standard Options (not available under Advanced Options)

    • Speed of Run (Fastest, Slower, Slowest) - Dispersion settings are adjusted automatically to emphasize speed of computation vs domain and resolution of run

Advanced Options

    • Limit Grid Domain Extent (x & y extent of the domain in km x km) - Truncates the meteorological domain to an area around the fire. Expressed in kilometers.

    • Number of Particles (low/medium/high) - Adjusts the number of "particles" tracked by the model. These particles are part of how the dispersion model works and do not reflect the total amount of PM2.5 emissions modeled. Higher numbers of "particle"s provide more fidelity but take more time to compute. (More Info)

    • Grid Resolution (low/medium/high) - Adjusts the sampling grid of HYSPLIT. Higher resolution output provides a more detailed picture, but may require additional computational time both because of the grid sampling size and also because higher resolution grids need more "particles" to be tracked by HYSPLIT to provide a high quality output. (More Info)