Playground v3 Introductory Webinar

Playground v3 Introductory Webinar

Playground v3 Main Help Page

Webinar held 2018-07-09

Presenters: Sim Larkin, USFS PNW AirFire; Susan O'Neill USFS PNW AirFire

Total length: 44:09

We recommend that this webinar's recording be viewed in sections for convenience.

However, a complete version of the webinar is also provided below.

Part 1 - Overview of BlueSky Playground v3

Length: 4:49


Part 2 - Differences between version 2 and version 3

Length: 3:39


Part 3 - Help resources for v3

Length: 4:44


Part 4 - Demonstration exercise for v3

Length: 30:50

See also Demo Exercise Help Page for demo exercise instructions so you can follow along.


Full Webinar

Length: 44:09