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What is a Collection? A Collection is a list of selected locations that are assigned a geographic name. For example, a Collection could have a name of "Eastern Washington" and include locations "Spokane", "Walla Walla" and "Pullman". The name of the Collection is equivalent to the name of a forecast box. You must have a Collection before you can create an Outlook.

Where's the forecast box? Using a defined forecast box is no longer required! The box is automatically generated based on the locations, fire icons and hazard icons you include in your Outlook.

How do I get started? 

1. Create or copy a Collection into your "My Collections" section

2. Add / Remove locations in that Collection as needed using "Modify This Collection" button

3. Ensure all location forecasts are updated in that Collection 

4. Click "Edit Outlook" button to create your Outlook

My Collections vs Other Collections? The collections home page displays an upper section called "My Collections" which are your collections to work with in creating outlooks. Any new collections you create or copy will be displayed here. The lower section of the page displays "Other Collections" which are collections other ARAs have created and used recently. This is helpful for replacement ARAs as they can simply copy the collection they need to use right out of "Other Collections" to take over creating Outlooks during their deployment.