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Outlook Editor: Working with Collections 

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You must have a Collection in your "My Collections" section of the home page before you can create an Outlook. Your Collection provides the name for your Outlook in addition to the locations included in your Outlook. The topics below include the ways a user can add/modify a Collection and helpful tips to copy another user's collection when they are a replacement ARA. 


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Create a Collection: 

Scroll to the bottom of the Collections page and click on the "New Collection" button. At the next screen, enter a geographical name (ie NE Oregon, SW California, etc) for your collection and select monitor locations you would like included in the collection. Click "Save" when finished.

Add/Remove locations in your Collection: 

On the Collections page, find the collection you want to modify in your "My Collections" section and hit the "Modify This Collection" button located under it. Use the map dots to select/de-select locations and use the "circle" button on the map to add non-monitored locations to the collection. Click "Save" when  finished. 

Copy a Collection: 

If you want to use a collection in the "Other Collections" section, simply click the "Add to My Collections" button to the right of the collection name and it will be copied into your "My Collections" section where you can then use it to create an outlook. This is useful for replacement ARAs as they simply find the collection being used for the current outlook in the "Other Collections" section and copy it. 


What's the difference between "My Collections" vs "Other Collections"? Collections listed under "My Collections" are managed by you. You can change what locations are included, update forecasts for all locations and create an Outlook using the Collection. Any Collection listed in "Other Collection" is created by someone else. You can only view and copy these Collections.

Can I use a Collection created by someone else? Yes! All recently created Collections can be found by scrolling down to the "Other Collections" and adding a selected Collection to your "My Collections" list. This is very useful for a replacement ARA, they can re-use the Collection created by the initial ARA for their Outlook.