Outlook Editor - Version History

Outlook Editor Version History

Version 4 change history

done as embedded Google Doc for easy updates

Outlook Editor Version History

Version 4.0

Introduced April 2018

Changes as compared with Version 1

Conceptual Changes

      • "Outlook Area" as defining identifier of a series of Outlooks (instead of Deployment / Outlook Series)

        • Deployment and Outlook Series eliminated as identifier

      • Outlook Areas named for location name (e.g. Methow Valley) instead of for fire (e.g. Rough Fire)

      • Outlook Areas not freely movable (limited movement only to preserve association with location name)

      • Outlooks stored in database

Functional Changes

      • Outlook drafts autosaved after editing (~every minute)

      • Outlook map editing major overhaul

      • Text area headings now editable (e.g. "Fire", "Smoke" etc... can be relabeled)

      • Improved header / footer

      • Added WFAQRP logo

      • Added QR code to wildlandfiresmoke.net publication link for that Outlook Area

Versions 2 / 3

n/a as only used in development

Version 1

Introduced May 2017